My works are engaged in a dialectic discourse, which

finds grounding in transcultural dynamics; a notion that enables me to

frolic in the nerves of globalism, as both migrant and human, while

using my works as a platform to narrate story within a larger story.


I am interested in objects as transformative sources for the exploration of ideas. My goal is to reveal the transcultural dynamics embedded in stories.


My process involves searching, finding, cutting, dying, sewing, welding, gluing, and mounting of leather, and some stainless steel. I create sculptures that either have direct or parodic connotations of particular contexts. The goal is to create some measure of coherence out of these fragmented objects.


I intend to continue using leather, a pliable and durable material to

promulgate—however subtle that might be—a version of a modernist

concept. My intention is to layer and infuse this concept with my

multidimensional outlook.


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